Cosmetic Clays

Natural Clay has been known for its healing properties and various applications for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians used it for the cure of inflammation and ulcers as well as for embalming. In Roman times clay was used in the treatment of fractures and was an important addition in baths because of its skin rejuvenating and healing qualities.

Clay has the ability to absorb excess oils, dirt and harmful toxins from the skin and is used in masques, soaps and cosmetic preparations. 

It is important to note that the clay that we speak of is of therapeutic value and specially prepared for the purpose.

The therapeutic properties of clay are that it:

  • Detoxifies, cleanses and disinfects by attracting and removing toxins, impurities, chemicals, microbes, bacteria and viruses.
  • Stilmulates the repair and healing of muscle bone, joint, ligament and skin.
  • Deodorises and neutralises odours and absorbs liquids and grease.
  • Stimulates and activates the immune function.

lays are made up of different mineral contents mainly silicates and oxides. Cosmetic clays come in different colours, each having different properties and with benefits for different types of skin.

Green Clay The finest and most absorbing of all clays, green clay can be used in all sorts of skin conditions. It is rich in calcium, magnesium potassium and sodium giving its antiseptic properties that help the healing and energising of the skin and tissue. It is an emollient, which leaves the skin silky smooth.

It is used in the treatment of acne, and neglected or disturbed skin, oily or matured skin.

Red Clay - An oily and less absorbent clay, red clay is used for dry or sensitive skin. It derives its colour from the iron oxide containing copper and this enhances the condition of the skin and its appearance.

White Clay - This has the same properties as green clay; the only difference lies in its lack of trace elements. A mild clay, it is used for sensitive skins. Its absorbing properties make it an excellent body deodorant.

Yellow Clay - Derived from iron oxide, yellow clay is used for tired and neglected skin and when the skin need revitalising.

Pink Clay - A smooth blend of red and white clays, it is recommended for dehydrated or delicate skin.